Finally off, and farewells.


After water maker delays in La Paz, then engine overheating approaching Cabo San Lucas, we ended up meeting more mechanics, visiting more marinas and facing more delays than we thought.

By Tuesday afternoon, we thought we had the engine overheating solved (faulty lines in the circulation system from the engine through the hot water heater, causing the coolant to run out of the engine heat exchanger every 30 minutes – took awhile to figure that one out). So we departed Cabo for Hawaii. And turned back after 5 nautical miles. The engine was overheating again. We discovered that the raw water pump belt kept slipping off the pump. We babied Air Ops back into port by midnight, just making it to the berth at Marina Cabo San Lucas before the belt cracked in 3 places and popped off again. After the engine cooled Garry and I took off the 2 outer belts and replaced the raw water one. After finding the last new spare in town, we were ready to depart for Hawaii again.

However, Rob let me know this am that he and Phia had decided they should head home. So Rob and I spent another 3.5 hours running (literally – Rob) back and forth amongst Marina, Port Capitan and Mexican immigration offices to get Rob and Phia off of our crew list and Zarpa, and with New Mexican immigration cards so they could leave. They won’t be continuing with us but I hope they learned lots in their time with us.

Goodbye Rob and Phia!

So now, the 3 of us are off to Hawaii!

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